“As a counselor at Damonte Ranch H.S., I am proud to be associated with Safe Talk For Teens. This program fills a huge need with our community. I am confident and proud to refer my students in need of prevention services to this amazing program. I make sure that I check in on all my students’ experiences with them and I get all positive feedback. Students will tell me how easy it is to talk to Joe and parents tell me how much they have helped. I will continue to refer my students to this valuable program.”

– C. Barnard, School Counselor, Damonte Ranch H.S.

“Safe Talk For Teens is amazing. The program has helped me and a few of my friends so much. I absolutely love talking their case managers. We connected really well. They are so knowledgeable about life. No matter the problem, they can solve it. When I talked to Joe he pointed me in the right direction. He helped me get my core values set. We worked on goal setting and I really appreciated that. I knew what I wanted to do in life but I did not know how to get there. I am very thankful for Safe Talk For Teens. It is the main reason I am successful today.”

– Teenager

“I am really grateful for Safe Talk For Teens, especially for my case manager. Before I met him I was at one of my worst times in life. I was getting into trouble at school, I had issues at home, & I didn’t care about my future. Talking to him and receiving advice from him changed my mindset and he helped me recognize my most important values in life. He listened to me, guided me and gave me extra support to do better. Thanks to him, I am doing better, I have goals & my relationship with my family is getting better.


Mother and daughter working in garden

“We have seen a remarkable difference in our daughter’s attitude in just a couple of visits.  It seems like it was liberating for her to talk confidentially and know that she is not alone with unique problems. She has become more equipped when problems do arise. Safe Talk For Teens emphasizes values clarification that helps teens make responsible decisions based on their values. Not only does Safe Talk For Teens provide confidentiality for our daughter, they have also made themselves available to us as parents. We shared our feelings of helplessness and we were provided with sound advice and direction, without breaking any confidentiality.  The case manager has a wealth of experience working with teenagers and is knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely cares. It is great knowing that our daughter has a place to go with someone whom she can trust. At the same time, we are thankful as parents that we are not alone when faced with problems raising our kids. We do not know what we would have done without Safe Talk For Teens.”

– Parent

“Washoe County School District counselors have appreciated the prompt attention that students receive and the agency support from Safe Talk For Teens. Parents and students can attend STFT together to learn of resources, and receive assistance. The WCSD Board of Trustees recently recognized Safe Talk For Teens at a formal meeting in honor of Safe and Respectful Schools ‘Week Of Respect’ for their amazing work assisting students.”

– Katherine Loudon, Coordinator/Counseling, Washoe County School District

“When I started coming to Safe Talk For Teens I was not in a great place. My self-esteem was at a very low point and I was having trouble keeping myself social and still talking with other people. When my school counselor recommended Safe Talk For Teens, I was a little skeptical, but now I’m not. My case manager was super helpful and kind, he really did understand a lot of the things I was going through. He helped me get my life back on track and made a real difference in my world. If you’re a teen going through a rough patch in your life, don’t hesitate to go there. You will not regret it and it will make you a much, much better person.”

– Teenager

“Safe Talk For Teens is a program that is nonthreatening and fully supportive of not just the high school student but their family as well. This is a partnership that has a laser focus on the student! We have several success stories but I look forward to many more as a result of the work of SIFT and the Damonte Ranch High School Team. We are blessed to work with such caring individuals and specialists at Safe Talk For Teens.”

– Denise Hausauer, Principal (retired), Damonte Ranch H.S.

“Our school is grateful to Safe Talk For Teens for providing a much needed service to our students. Joe Dufur has a natural ability to connect with all students while setting goals with them. He is one of the few adults that they will be open and honest with. Working with Joe is rewarding in many ways because of his determination to connect with and support our students.”

– K. Michael, Dean of Students, Incline H.S.

“Thank you for this wonderful service at Safe Talk For Teens. We believe it will make a difference in the Reno/Sparks Community as it has for our family.”

 – Parent 

“Safe Talk For Teens has been instrumental in providing a resource for many of our students. Through the guidance provided by them, our students are learning values clarification, positive goal setting, anger management, and many other early prevention skills. Together with STFT, we are preparing students for graduation, higher education, careers, and active, positive citizenship.”

– K. Tillett, NBCC, Counselor (retired), Damonte Ranch H.S.