For Youth Success

We provide a safe and confidential place for youth to get help and guidance.


I absolutely loved talking to their case managers. We connected really well. No matter the problem, they can solve it. They pointed me in the right direction and helped me get my core values set.

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Our free, confidential services include:

  • Teaching positive & healthy coping skills.

  • Facilitating good decisions through Values Clarification.

  • Motivation through our Goal Setting exercise.

  • A safe place for kids and/or parents to talk while maintaining confidentiality.

  • Being a first line of defense, a place for “early listening.”

  • When necessary, referrals to counseling services and/or programs.

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We can help with

  • 01

    Parent & child relationship issues

  • 02

    Dealing with life’s negative yet normal emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief

  • 03

    Motivation, focus, and decision making

  • 04

    Positive friendships & relationships

  • 05

    School success and improving grades

  • 06

    Effects of and combating bullying

  • 07

    Improved self-esteem and worth

  • 08

    Overall youth success


Joe was super helpful and kind, he really did understand a lot of the things I was going through. He helped me get my life back on track and made a real difference in my world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not exclusively. Our program aims to improve youth success through healthy coping skills, decision making and goal setting. Our program benefits all youth whether or not they have traditionally defined “problems.” If we identify that a kid has substance abuse problems, anger issues, or mental health issues that require more attention than we can offer, we refer them for counseling or other services.

  • Our services are 100% free for the youth that we serve. Our organization is funded from grants from private foundations, and generous donations from community members, businesses, parents and organizations. You can make a helpful contribution by donating online, over the phone or in person.

  • We currently serve any youth from ages 8 to 19.

  • We are not licensed counselors. Instead, we are youth advisors who engage in life coaching strategies and provide a safe place for kids to come to talk and vent openly with an experienced adult. We listen. Many kids don’t feel comfortable speaking with their parents or someone at school about their problems or challenges so they are able to openly communicate with us.

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